How to Register a Company in the UK

Registering a limited company in the UK is legally known as Incorporation. Incorporation can be done for existing or a new business. It possesses a legal entity with a separate identity. A company cannot run if it is not registered to the company’s house under the framework of the companies Act 2006. If you establish your business as a company, you need to file certain documents every year such as annual reports and annual accounts. For a smoother registration process, you should always seek professional advice from a Company Registration expert in the UK.

Only an experienced company registration expert can guide you in the right way and lead you to the best result.  After a successful registration process, you can seamlessly run your business in the UK. Let’s look at the 6 most important step associated with company registration in the UK.

Choose the right business structure

Choosing the right company structure is paramount while registering your company in the UK. There are several types of company models available such as a private company limited by shares, a private company limited by guarantee, private unlimited company, etc. However, most entrepreneurs opt for a ‘private company limited by shares’. It is a great business structure for managing your tax and personal asset. You  can be assisted by a Company Registration expert in the UK when choosing the right company structure.

Register your company name (UK)

The second and most important step is to register your company name. Nevertheless,  before that, you need to confirm if the name is available. To check the availability of your company’s name, you can seek the assistance of a Company Registration expert in the UK. However, you need a detailed market research while choosing the company’s name and ensure to keep the name short and meaningful.

Enter your company information

When you are going to register a company in the UK, you need to submit some certain documents to the company’s house which will be made publicly available.

  • Registered office: Company’s house and HMRC will send the mail to this address.
  • Company’s director: Company’s house will want to know the name, DOB and residential address of the company’s director.
  • Shareholder: You need to submit the details of the company’s shareholder. Take note that in the UK, every company must have at least a shareholder.

This process can be troublesome. However, for the best assistance, you should seek help from an Affordable Company Registration expert in the UK.

Allocate Company Shares

When you are registering a company in the UK, you have to allocate shares to your shareholder. The best way is to allocate one share to each shareholder and allot an individual share worth £1. In this case, you can be assisted by the best Company Registration expert in the UK.

Complete the memorandum and Articles of Association

These documents formalise the process of your company’s run. Documents must be agreed upon and signed by the company’s director(s), shareholder(S) and even the secretary before registering a private limited company in the UK. You can contact a Company Registration expert in the UK to learn more.

Submit documents to the company’s house

Last but not least, you have to submit the application by 3 PM on the same day of registration. That’s it. Good luck with your new company.

Affordable Company Registration expert in the UK

It is the basic process of company registration in the UK. At eLegal Consultants, we have a team of professional litigation lawyers and Company Registration experts to provide you with the best assistance in the company registration in the UK. We are trusted for our legal efficiency. Contact us to know more.

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