Trademark infringement is a global concern for business owners, and it's crucial to understand that simply using a brand, logo, or trade name does not grant ownership until it's officially registered in the relevant jurisdiction.

Once your trademark is registered, you gain rightful ownership for the duration of the registration. Unauthorized usage by another party can lead to trademark infringement, necessitating legal action through the Ministry of Economy or the Court.

Here are prohibited actions related to trademark registration:

  1. Counterfeiting or imitating a legitimately registered trademark causing public confusion.
  2. Illegitimate use of someone else’s registered trademark.
  3. Applying counterfeit or imitated trademarks to products in bad faith.
  4. Selling, circulating, or processing products with counterfeit or unlawfully applied trademarks.
  5. Providing services intentionally under a forged or unlawfully used trademark.
  6. Using a mark not eligible for registration as per the law.
  7. Making deceptive claims on marks or trade papers regarding registration or distinguishing goods and services beyond the Register’s specifications.

To protect your trademark, consider our Watchdog Services, which monitor potential infringements. If trademark infringement occurs without our prior monitoring, we may send a Cease and Desist letter. Compliance with this letter can prevent further legal action. If the issue persists, we can file a case with the Ministry of Economy, and, if necessary, escalate it to the Court of First Instance, Court of Appeal, or Cassation Court.

For trademark registration, amendments, and infringement matters in the UAE, we’re here to guide you and safeguard your brand. Contact our Intellectual Property experts today.

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