Divorce and Child Custody in Nigeria

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In marriage, when counseling does not resolve marital problems, the partners often make the decision to opt for a legal dissolution of the marriage or separation. In the case where children are present,  child custody is sought for.

At eLegal Consultants, our expert consultants are dedicated to assisting you take the best approach possible on nuptial agreements, divorce, separation and child custody.

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Separation and Divorce is not an easy route to ending a marriage. Marriage Counseling is usually the first solution before a Divorce is definite. Nevertheless, there are situations where one or both spouse feels it is the end of the road.

Whether separated or divorced, couples should seek the advise of a Legal Practitioner to secure their rights if needed. When contemplating on this, a less adversarial approach is the best to ensure parties peaceful state of mind. This procedure is known as a collaborative procedure.

If requested, we will offer a collaborative framework and mediate to resolve separation and Divorce matters. A Collaborative framework is a non contentious procedure to resolving issues arising due or after a Separation and Divorce. Parties would agree with the help of their Legal Representative to resolve all issues. Upon reaching a decision that is acceptable to both parties, an Agreement will be drafted to ensure that the decision is written and binding. In this case, the Court would be approached to order the already made decision via the Agreement that was drafted.

At eLegal, we always ensure that not only do our clients receive an outstanding service, but we equally make it a point to note that, as and at when required, our Clients remain satisfied while moving on with their lives separately, without strife or conflict. One major attribute of our collaborative procedure is that it is fast and the most advisable way to resolve issues concerning separation and divorce when children are a part thereof.

In like manner, should a Couple disagree with a Collaborative process, we assist our clients to file a Contentious Divorce matter in Court, where their rights will be adjudicated upon appropriately.

Additionally, looking at family Law and its procedures in other countries where India has bilateral relationship such as the UAE.  It is noteworthy that the UAE legislation follows the Sharia Law. However, owing to the provision of the Dubai Personal Status Law, couples in dispute may choose the application of their personal law. This means that, for example, although an Indian-born expatriate resides in the UAE and got married in India, a straightforward dissolution and divorce procedure is possible in the UAE.

For all Family related Matters such as counseling, separation, divorce and/or Child Custody, our Attorneys in India, the UAE and other jurisdictions are ever ready to assist you with the best approach. We empathize with you all the way and hold your hand when required.

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