A Complete Guide to Business Registration in India

India is one of the rapidly growing business places in the world. Setting up a successful company in India refers to more and more profits due to its large population and versatility in the Indian Culture. Businessmen across the world seek to set up their companies in the world’s largest democracy. Take note that India is drastically improving its ranking in the global business index. The company registration process in India has been simplified and digitalized in recent years.

By hiring a Company Registration expert in India, you can easily complete the entire registration process at minimum cost. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has issued e-form INC 29 to simplify the company incorporation. Following are the steps to the company’s incorporation in India.

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) 

A  DSC is essential for at least one of the directors of the company. DSC is a legal requirement as per the IT Act, 2000. Without DSC, it is not possible to initiate any kind of online paperwork. You can obtain DSC from MCA. You need to submit some certain documents including PAN, identity proof, address proof, etc. After the payment of required fees, you can receive the DSC within time. However, business owners often face troubles in obtaining DSC. Therefore, smart business owners employs the service of a Company Registration expert in India.

Director Identification Number (DIN) 

While registering a company in India, all the directors have to have a DIN. DIN is a unique eight-digit number issued under the Company’s Act, 2013. You need to fill up the DIN form available in the MCA online portal. Your personal details including proof of DOB, address proof, etc is required to fill the application form. If you take help from a professional Company Registration expert in India, they can guide you in the right way and you can get your approved DIN within a day.

Registration on the MCA Portal 

After acquiring DIN and DSC, you need to create a user profile on the MCA portal. You can obtain the e-form of INC-29 after opening the account in MCA portals. You can get all the guidelines available on this portal.

Fill the Charter and Article of the Company

The Memorandum of Association (MOA) is the most important document of a company. Any act against the MOA invites legal actions. All the companies need to draft their own memoranda of association.

The Articles of Association is also important and subordinate to MoA. The article must include the details of organizational structure and other company policies. It is easy to amend Articles of any company.

You should be aware that both the MOA and AOA are paramount for the company’s incorporation. A company doesn’t even exist without them. For these reasons and more, make sure to consult a Company Registration expert in India before proceeding.

Register the company’s name and Other Details

The name of your company must differentiate from others. Companies Act, 2013 has some certain guidelines and restrictions on the company’s name. For example, a name should not include any foreign government or embassy. However, you need to submit some other documents to complete the process that is to be followed.

  • Name and address of your company
  • Names and addresses of the directors
  • Name and residential address of the promoters
  • All the details about the company and managers and secretary etc.

You can consult an Affordable Company Registration expert in India for the best assistance.

PAN and TAN 

Company’s directors must have PAN and TAN to successfully register the company in India. Consult a Company Registration expert in India to learn more.

At eLegal Consultants, we have a team of professional litigation lawyers and Company Registration experts in India to provide you with the best assistance to register a company in India. Feel free to contact us.

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