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In marriage, when counselling proves ineffective in addressing marital issues, couples frequently opt for a legal dissolution of their marriage or choose to separate. In instances where children are involved, the focus shifts to securing child custody.

At eLegal Consultants, our proficient advisors are committed to guiding you in making the most informed decisions regarding prenuptial agreements, divorce, separation, and matters related to child custody.

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Navigating separation and divorce is a complex journey within a marriage. Typically, couples explore marriage counselling as the initial solution before considering divorce as a final option. However, there are instances where one or both spouses believe that the marriage has reached an irreparable point.

Whether a couple is separated or divorced, it is essential to seek legal counsel to safeguard their rights when necessary. In contemplating this step, adopting a less adversarial approach is ideal for maintaining a peaceful state of mind. This process is known as a collaborative procedure.

Upon request, we are prepared to provide a collaborative framework and mediate in resolving separation and divorce-related matters. The collaborative approach is a non-contentious method for addressing issues arising during or after separation and divorce. Parties involved will collaborate with their legal representatives to reach mutually agreeable resolutions. Once a decision acceptable to both parties is reached, an agreement is drafted to formalize it, making it legally binding. In such cases, the court can enforce the decision made through the drafted agreement.

At eLegal, our commitment is not only to provide exceptional service to our clients but also to ensure that, as and when needed, our clients can move forward with their lives separately, without conflict or strife. One significant advantage of our collaborative procedure is its efficiency, especially when children are involved.

In cases where a couple opts for a contentious divorce process due to disagreements, we are here to assist in filing a contentious divorce case in court, where their rights will be appropriately adjudicated.

Furthermore, when considering family law matters in countries with which India has bilateral relationships, such as the UK, it is worth noting that the UK legislation recognizes Sharia Law. However, under the UK Personal Status Law, disputing couples may choose to apply their personal laws. This means that, for instance, even if a British-born expatriate resides in the UK and was married there, a straightforward dissolution and divorce procedure can be pursued in the UK.

For all family-related matters, including counselling, separation, divorce, and child custody, our attorneys in the UK and other jurisdictions are prepared to assist you with the most suitable approach. We empathize with you throughout the process and provide support when needed.

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