How to Bring Your Parents to Dubai on a Retirement Visa

If you stay in the UAE and you intend to bring your parents to the UAE it is possible for you to achieve that. Achieving this is contingent upon your parents fulfilling some conditions to make them eligible for a retirement visa. The retirement visa if successfully granted is valid for a period of five years and can be renewed. In this blog post, you will be informed of the conditions and requirements required for your parents to obtain a retirement visa.

Eligibility Criteria to Obtain a Retirement Visa

  • Your parent must have Retired and be aged 55 years and above.
  • He or she must have worked for not less than 15 years within or outside the UAE.
  • Your parent must own a property or properties whose worth is at least Dh1 million or have a financial saving of nothing less than Dh1 million.
  • He or she must also provide a bank statement for the last six months.

Supporting Documents

To ensure that your parents’ retirement visa application is approved, you also need to submit the application with the appropriate supporting documents. The required documents are as follows;

  • A passport copy of your parents and dependents (spouse and children) if any.
  • If one of your parents is sponsoring his or her spouse, he or she will provide a marriage certificate copy.
  • A copy of their current visa and Emirates ID and for all their dependents if they are a UAE resident.
  • An end-of-year letter from your parents’ last employer will state that your parent is a retiree and the number of years of service.

Health Insurance

When your application is approved for your parent, they will have to undergo a medical fitness test and after such test, they are expected to purchase a medical insurance plan for at least one year and it shall be renewed every year.


A successful person who acquires the retirement visa is allowed to sponsor their spouse or children and there is no limit to the number of children that the holder of the retirement visa can sponsor. It is expected that all members under the retiree’s sponsorship must possess valid health insurance coverage as well. As an Immigration agent in Dubai, we will indulge you to seek a registered visa consultant in Dubai to take you through the steps to get a retirement visa as this post is not encompassing all the information. You can reach out to us on this if you need any legal advice.

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