Dubai Remote Working Visa: Requirements And Benefits

Dubai is known for creating a balance between work and leisure. Therefore, more professionals and freelancers are interested in working in this environment. The benefits of working from this attractive destination are numerous ranging from a multicultural working experience, tax-free salary, the opportunity to work in top companies, and a host of others.

The Dubai government is favourably aiming to attract more talents and experts from around the globe through its various means and one such way for you to find yourself in Dubai is through the “Remote Work Visa”.

The Remote work visa is also known as the Dubai Virtual Working Program which allows you to enter and live in the UAE while you continue working for your company in your home country. In this case, you will work remotely in Dubai for another organization outside the UAE.

The virtual working program is practical and suitable for;

  • People who live and work outside the UAE
  • Start-up companies and
  • Entrepreneurs

Duration and applicability

The remote working visa is valid for one year, renewable upon application to renew. Once you apply for this visa and it is approved by the UAE government, it applies to your family and it allows you to come along with your family to live in Dubai.

Requirements to Apply for the Remote Working Visa

  • You must possess a valid passport with a minimum of six months’ validity
  • Ensure you have valid health insurance covering your stay in the UAE.
  • Provide proof of employment with a contract valid for one year.
  • You must be earning a minimum salary of USD 5,000 per month.
  • Present the salary slip for the last month and bank statements for the prior three months.

Benefits of the Remote Work Visa

With the UAE remote work visa, you will be entitled to a lot of benefits that the Emirate offers which are;

  • Enjoy Dubai’s robust and seamless digital infrastructure
  • Global Networking opportunities
  • Zero income tax for individuals
  • Access to high-health systems
  • Access to other facilities like enrolling your children in their schools, access to banks housing rentals, and others.


Getting a remote work visa is easy to obtain once you meet the requirements. Though it has some peculiarities and we are more than willing to take you through the process. We are among the finest immigration Lawyers in Dubai.

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