True Copy Attestation: Why You Need It

True copy attestation certifies that a photocopy of an original document is a true certified copy. This is necessary for official purposes like immigration or company registration.

It proves that the document is not falsified or forged. Typically, true copy attestation is for documents like passports, identity cards, or photographs. Others include academic documents, application forms, and tenancy contracts.

In the UAE, you may engage the services of a good legal firm to obtain a true copy of your document. You cannot overestimate the importance of this process. 

However, most people tend not to do this earlier until they are under pressure. The ensuing stress is avoidable. In this article, we’ll show you why true copy attestation is relevant and how you can do it in the UAE.

What is True Copy Attestation

A true copy attestation is a process of checking the genuineness or authenticity of a document. Most times people use “true copy” interchangeably with “certified copy” and “notarised copy.”

Whichever term you use, you’re referring to the same thing. It involves the submission of the original copy and a copy to the relevant authorities. You can do this through a reputable legal firm.

Why True Copy Attestation Is Necessary

Attestation verifies that a document is authentic. Its relevance arises due to the high rate of forgeries around the world. So in a bid to confirm the genuineness of your documents, you’d have to obtain a certified copy.

Corporate documents must be verified by the relevant authorities. But you can get true copies of personal documents without any verification. Irrespective of the type of document, it is best you go through a competent legal firm that understands the nitty-gritty involved.

Two of the most common instances, where this is relevant, are in the application of visa and admittance of a child in school. 

You may not get a travelling visa without certified documents. And most times, the authority will remain unbiased no matter your excuse. True copy attestation will also prevent issues that may jeopardise your stay.

Failure to do this may lead to visa rejection or some other harsh experiences in the country you are visiting. Hence, documentation must be proper at all times.

Benefits of True Copy Attestation 

Beyond visa applications, true copy attestation is beneficial in many ways. Some of the benefits include:

#1. It Validates Your Document

True copy attestation validates your document and proves it’s genuineness. Only verifiable original documents can enjoy certification. With the rise of modern technologies, the chances of document forgery are very high. Forgery and identity theft is a serious crime in the UAE and other countries in the world. 

However, it has not deterred people from carrying out such phoney Forgery of documents is a common issue around the world. Being in possession of forged documents attracts severe legal consequences.

#3. It Makes Documents Recognized

True copy attestation removes doubts from individuals and organisations when working with you. It is the easiest way to avoid being a suspect in a possible identity theft issue. 

When you attest to a document, it becomes recognisable anywhere in the world. The major reason is that it bears the stamp of a reputable government agency or institution. One of the ways to avoid unnecessary embarrassments at the airport is to possess a certified visa or passport.

#4. It Fastracks Loan Facilities And Educational Applications

True copy attestation is often a requirement to process loan facilities. The borrower submits certified copies of relevant documents to the lender. 

This is the only way the transaction can go ahead. Borrowers who do not have their documents attested will have a hard time obtaining such loans.

Also, school applications in foreign countries may require attested copies of documents. This is to assess the educational history and ensure that the information provided is correct.

#5. It Is A Requirement For Visa Applications

Persons who apply for visas at foreign embassies have to get their relevant documents attested because it is often a requirement before the application is approved.

More so, it is applicable to situations where a visa on arrival is granted. The visa will not be issued to persons with improper documentation.

Those who apply to work in foreign companies may also certify their relevant documents. This includes driver’s licence, ID cards, and passports.

If you plan to move with your family abroad, you may have to certify your marriage certificate too.


If you require a true copy of any document, or if you desire advice or counselling, feel free to contact us for a free consultation today. If you have any questions or opinions, you can share them with us in the comment section.

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