Dubai Residency Visa

Dubai Residency Visa: All you need to know

A Tax-free high standard lifestyle in a strong economic zone is what everyone believes. Investors and professional business entities prefer to set up their business and to have a residence visa. If this interests you, you may choose the UAE as it provides a tax-free environment with a wide range of opportunities and Dubai Mainland residency visa as well.


A Residence visa is not quite easy to get in the world. Fortunately, the UAE is an ideal place to set up a new business but also to avail an easy residence visa process. The step you need to take is to hire an expert team to help you through the visa process.

Company Mainland Residence Visa

A Company Mainland Residence Visa means that the visa on the behalf of a company owned by you on the registered company. The UAE National partner owns 51% of the company while you as an expatriate own 49%. In a mainland company, the 51% partner will be the sponsor for the Mainland visa in UAE.


What is a Mainland employment visa?

The most “in demand” visa types in UAE are the Free Zone and Mainland Visas. However, the ownership rules and regulations differentiate between both visa types. An employee in any company that has been employed is to be sponsored on the company’s Visa quota.


Difference between Free Zone and Mainland Visa

A Free Zone visa allows you to start a business with 100% ownership. You will need to handle all the legal matters on your own, while a Mainland visa helps you to get a National sponsor who will handle government and other legal matters related to the business formation. The major difference between the mainland and a free zone visa is the validity period. A Mainland employment visa is valid for two years while a Free Zone employment visa is valid for three years.

A Free Zone visa is processed by the specific Free Zone laws while a Mainland visa process is controlled by the UAE labor Law.


Visa Process

UAE/Dubai Mainland Residency Visa application process is very simple. We divide this process in a few easy steps usually.


Register Online

Get registered for E-Channel services. This would be the first step for your Mainland visa process. This step is designed under the supervision of the Government of UAE. An online application process has made everything faster, accessible and easier. You just need to ask your Mainland agent to make your company registered through an online procedure and pay the fees. This will be your agent’s responsibility to do the rest of the job. You will be notified right after your registration is done.


Entry Permit

After getting registered for E-Channel services, this is the time to apply for an entry permit or employment visa. It is a temporary visa that is valid for 60 days. After getting this visa, you will need to change your status. This step is to activate your entry permit.


Medical Test

You need to get your medical fitness test before obtaining a visa. A blood test for any infectious disease and a chest X-Ray will be done for medical fitness tests and the results are usually out after three days.


Emirates ID Card

After getting done with your medical test, you need to proceed with the Emirates ID card. It will help you to open an account in a bank and also for other official uses.


Residence Visa Stamping

This is the time when you get a visa sticker on your passport. The stamping process takes less than 15 days. After a successful visa stamp, you can apply for your family, dependent or even for your employees. A mainland visa process is basically very easy but only for those who are professionally expert in the field. This is very important to choose a proper platform for your business so you will be able to establish a successful entity.


To get through the process easily you would need a Business Formation Specialist. eLegal will make the whole process hassle free for you and your company. We provide you a comprehensive range of services from getting registered to a fully functional stage of your Business.

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