What You Need To Know About UK Spouse Visa Application

The United Kingdom has made provisions for all foreign nationals to come and live in the UK with their spouse or settled partner for thirty months(30) which can be extended upon renewal. This can be done through the Spouse Visa Application. The UK spouse visa is also known as the “UK Marriage Visa”. The spouse visa is open to couples who intend to live together in the UK and are already married or are in a civil partnership. What makes one eligible for this visa is if one of the parties is a British citizen or a settled person in the UK which invariably means that this visa application is peculiar to persons who are citizens of the UK either by birth or naturalization. If you are a skilled worker with a skilled work visa or work permit then check our next post for how you can make an application for your spouse to join you in the UK.

The importance of the UK spouse visa is that it allows the legal spouse who stays in the UK and has a permanent resident to come to live with their partner and even work in the UK for a period that can be extended. In order to be eligible for this visa, it is not enough that you are a British citizen or a settled person in the UK, there is also quite some number of requirements and documents that need to be adhered to and submitted respectively. In this post, we will be looking at some of these requirements as well as documents for a UK spouse visa application.

Checklist of Documents Needed to Apply for the UK Spouse Visa

The documents that you are to comply with and submit while applying for the spouse visa include the following;

A valid marriage or civil partnership certificate.

A valid passport.

Proof of accommodation such as a lease apartment or letting contract.

Proof of divorce or dissolution of marriage or civil partnership of the past if any.

The sponsor’s means of identification is to show that your marriage is to a British citizen or a settled person in the UK.

Provision of an in-depth portfolio showing that you are in a long-lasting and existing relationship which will also include evidence that you have met your other partner at least once.

Proof of income such as employment contracts, bank statements, or wage slips.

Proof of fluency in the English language can be achieved by having an English-taught degree, or origin from an English-speaking country or having sat first on the IELTS test and having a score of 4.0 or above.

Requirements to Adhere to for the UK Spouse Visa

There is quite a lineup of requirements that applicants must make sure they meet before applying for the UK spouse visa. This is not an exhaustive list. The requirements include but are not limited to;

The applicant is required to have their biometric information registered.

The applicant is to conduct a medical examination to prove that they do not have Tuberculosis (TB).

Must be the age of 18 or above.

The applicant must have passed the English language test.

Your earnings as an applicant must be a minimum of £18,000 per annum or you must possess proof of sufficient and proficient savings which can be met by either; one of the parties be it the applicant or the sponsored spouse or both of their income.

They must pass the genuine relationship test.

Have a valid marriage or a civil partnership with a certificate that is recognized in the UK.

Be married to a British citizen or a settled person.

Demonstrate an intention to live together in the UK in comfortable accommodation.

Proof that you have cohabited together for at least 2years.

How Can You Sponsor a Spouse Visa?

As a foreigner seeking to gain entry into the UK, you as a foreigner must have a sponsor to endorse your application. Your immigration status as a non-UK visa national is dependent on sponsorship. This sponsor could either be your employer for a work visa or a partner for a spouse visa. In sponsoring a spouse visa, the British National or settled person who already is situated in the UK becomes the sponsor. For you now as a sponsor to fruitfully sponsor a loved one like your spouse, you must support your spouse’s application with an in-depth sponsorship letter and such a letter must contain the following information;

Sponsor’s position in the UK.

The sponsor’s income such as through employment and a regular salary.

Information about where the relationship began, why did you and your spouse decide to get married, and where they met.

Details about your home as a sponsor to ensure it is up to UK living standards and has adequate room for the other party.


The process of applying for a UK Spouse Visa can be tedious and complicated. There are so many requirements that need to be strictly adhered to to ensure a successful application process and approval from the UK government. If you need assistance with this process, we offer free legal immigration advice online for the UK and we ensure you of a hitch-free process.

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