Trademark and Logo Registration in UAE: All You Need to Know



Trademark is a recognizable sign, phrase, words, hallmarks, engravings, advertisements packs, titles, figures, letters, seal, images, signature, symbol, or any other combination that intends to be used by an individual or a company to distinguish its goods or services from other’s goods and services. Protecting your unique trademark is of the most important for your business to survive in the competitive global market.

Why Trademarks Registration Matter?

Every business person must understand why it is important to protect a trademark. Here are some of the reasons why it is important to register trademarks

  1. It conveys intellectual and emotional attributes about you, your company’s products and services. It helps in building trust.
  2. Consumers/ customers can readily identify your goods and services in the competitive market just by looking at the trademark of your company. This gives your business recognition and success as they are valuable assets, which keeps on growing over time.
  3. Trademarks are efficient communication tools for your business as the consumer’s purchasing decisions are heavily influenced by trademarks and the reputation it carries. Nike, Coca-Cola, Apple and Dolce and Gabbana are some of the well-known trademarks that have high degree of a reputation around the globe.
  4. Production of counterfeiting goods or the imitating activities will jeopardize your market reputation and adversely affect your business. So, it’s absolutely important to protect your business from such risk.

Remember trademarks are a crucial asset. It must be registered before anyone gets the upper hand over your brand and swipe away millions. Talk to us for your queries in relation to Trademark registration in the UAE. eKLegal Consultants is the provider of Affordable online Logo and Trademark Registration in Dubai.

Register your trademark in the UAE

UAE holds world class business infrastructure and business-friendly environment. Investors or entrepreneurs all around the globe move to the UAE to start their own business, which has led to strong competition among businesses to survive and thrive in the market. It’s very common to see counterfeit/ duplicate products in such a competitive market. Not a new phenomenon. But, if you do not want to be part of such vicious cycle and create a successful business then, it’s advisable to register your company’s trademark at right time. That’s where Affordable online Logo and Trademark Registration experts- eLegal can help you. If you’re in search of a company whom you can trust with the faith of your business, turn to eLegal Consultants, the only affordable online Logo and Trademark Registration experts- eLegal in Dubai that offers exceptional service for trademark registration in the UAE.

What are the required documents?

All affairs in connection to the trademarks are dealt with by the Ministry of Economy and governed by the UAE Federal Law No. 37 of 1992.  The UAE Trademark Law protects the interest of both the customers and the company. The whole process of registration may take approximately 6 months. Trademarks registered in the UAE are protected for 10. We can help you protect your company’s trademarks in accordance with the UAE laws at a low cost possible and formulate the necessary documents for the same.

Trademark Registration in the UAE requires following documents:

eLegal Consultants, providers of Affordable online Logo and Trademark Registration experts, will assist you with all the paperwork, helping you to take hours of labor off your shoulders.

How to register a trademark in the UAE?

Trademark registration is the inevitable part of your business in the UAE. Here are a few steps to trademark registration process in the UAE:

  • All applications for trademark registration in the UAE must be filed with the  Ministry of Economy.
  • Pay the required fees for the initial approval of the application form. As the best Affordable online Logo and Trademark Registration experts- eLegal in Dubai, our experts will assist you with the document preparation, application submission, legal translations, and fee payment.
  • Decision on the application will be rendered within 30 days.
  • If your application is approved, it shall be announced through the Ministry of Economy bulletin and two Arabic newspapers at the expense of the applicant.
  • Anyone who has an objection over the application can submit it in a written form to the Ministry within 30 days from the date of the announcement. Upon receiving the objection letter, the Ministry notifies about the same to you within 15 days.
  • If no objections are raised, the registration gets finalized and the certificate of trademark registration will be issued to you. Trademark registration in the UAE is valid for 10 years subject to renewal.

Despite the flexibility in trademark registration in the UAE, there are certain limitations to it which you need to keep in mind. Your trademark must not contain any of the following:


  1. Offenses against public morals and religions
  2. Public emblems, flags and other symbols pertaining to the state, international organizations or institutions.
  3. Translation of Well-Known marks
  4. Symbols of the Red Crescent or the Red Cross
  5. Any mark that are similar to the symbols of the religious nature
  6. Geographical names
  7. Titles and name of the third party

The trademark registration process in the UAE is straightforward but as the saying goes “the devil lies in the details”, minor errors occur while filling up the application form and creating trademark for your business. These errors will lead to the rejection of the trademark application. It’s in your best interest to engage an experienced consultant in Dubai who is well aware of the trademark registration process in the UAE.

eLegal Consultants, providers of Affordable online Logo and Trademark Registration in Dubai UAE, extend full support in registering a trademark in the UAE and comply with all the legal requirements to serve your best interest. The professionals at eLegal are expert in registering trademarks and have been serving hundreds of clients with its hassle free services. To know more about the trademark registration in the UAE, connect with our ever-ready Consultants right away.

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