A trademark is essential to hold a unique identity of your business. It comes under the intellectual property of your business. Trademark can be a simple word or an image or anything that holds the identity of your business.

In the UAE, lots of business sectors are born and grow every day. In this case, holding the unique identity of your business is troublesome. A registered trademark helps you to distinguish your products from the similar products of other brands and strengthen the brand value.

Therefore, hiring a Trademark Infringement lawyer can help your business to register a unique identity of your business.

Once the trademark gets registered, no company can use the same symbol or words to distinguish their business as long as it is registered. One more thing is that hiring Trademark Watchdog Services can help you to file a case and get compensation if any other business uses your trademark without your consent.

Things you need to know about Trademark protection in the UAE

According to Worldwide Trademark Registration Experts, you should learn some basic things before learning about the required documents and registration process.

  • The trademark registration process in the UAE is based on “First to file”.
  • If you use a trademark in the UAE without registering it, you can face vulnerable consequences. In the UAE, an unregistered trademark doesn’t hold any protection. Therefore, always make sure to consult a Trademark Infringement lawyer to register your trademark.
  • The Prior Registration of a trademark can be used to oppose or cancel any misleading trademark application.
  • The trademark laws in Dubai (37/1992) offer complete protection to your business trademark.
  • The owner of a trademark enjoys all the rights over the trademark and can eliminate the interference of any third party. He or she can enforce their right against any unauthorized use of the trademark. In this case, a professional Trademark Infringement lawyer can act on behalf of the owner.

Filling Documents required in the trademark registration process in the UAE

Before learning about the documents requirement, keep yourself informed that the official languages for preceding any legal procedure in the UAE are Arabic and English. To obtain a filing date, an application must contain:

  • A proper request for Trade Mark registration
  • Details about the applicant
  • List of products and services comes under trademark registration
  • A soft copy of your trademark image or series of words

The process of Examination, publication, and opposition

After filling up the required documents with the assistance of our Worldwide Design Registration Experts, it comes to the process of examination. This process involves the formal examination and determines the genuine cause of selection or refusal. Then, the trademark is published for opposition. The opposition process runs for 30 days from the date of publication. If the trademark is not opposed by any third party, the registration process moves further.

Grant and renewal

According to our expert Trademark Infringement lawyers, you have to pay the grant fees within 30 days. A registered trademark is valid for 10 years from the filing date and can be easily renewed for the next 10 years by submitting a request application within the last year of the expiry date.

 The time required in the registration process

With the assistance of a Trademark Infringement lawyer, the process can take up to 4 to 6 months. For foreign applicants, it is necessary to go through the Emirati trademark attorney.

The above-mentioned is an overview of the trademark registration process in the UAE. At eLegal Consultants, we have a team of professional Trademark Infringement lawyers to facilitate the process of trademark registration. We are one of the most renowned and trusted Worldwide Copyright Registration Experts. Feel free to contact us.

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