Virtual Legal Assistant

At eLegal Consultants, we provide you with a competent assistant from our team of seasoned professionals who have more than 10 years of experience in the Legal profession.

Our virtual assistant helps you

  • Transcribe and proofread legal documents
  • Schedule court depositions, hearings and other meetings
  • Manage your travel arrangements

and many more

As a legal practitioner, having an assistant ensures your ease of work and provides you with the administrative and clerical support you require. Our treat of seasoned professionals are well equipped with the knowledge to act as both your legal researcher and assistant.

At eLegal Consultants, we provide you with professional and efficient legal assistance to aid your success as a legal practitioner.

How it works

Step One

Contact us through our WhatsApp chat, web form or our toll free number, stating your full contact information, the service you would like to be provided and a request for a quote from our expert consultants.

Step Two

Receive and review our quote alongside the details of the legal service to be provided, approve the quote and pay through any of our listed reliable payment system.

Step three

Receive a fast and reliable delivery of the legal advice and documents from our expert lawyers.

At eLegal Consultants, we provide faster, convenient and affordable legal services in a click of a button.

Do you need assistance with any of your legal issues? Contact us today.

eLegal will act as your Legal Researcher and assistant. Because we understand that the job of a Legal secretary is crucial to the success of the Legal Practitioner, hence we have pulled together a team of seasoned professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the Legal Profession from across the world. This is so that every Legal Practitioner, firm, company or organization that registers with us can receive the type of administrative and clerical support he/she deserves.

Your Legal Secretary at eLegal will assist you with the following:

  • Transcribe and proofread legal documents
  • Accurately file documents with the court ahead of deadlines
  • Process third party and vendor invoices
  • Arrange your travel arrangements
  • File and organize legal documents appropriately
  • Answer phone calls, take notes/messages and redirect calls when appropriate
  • Schedule court depositions, hearings, and other meetings
  • Facilitate the meeting of deadlines by keeping multiple agendas and provide timely reminders

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