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The UAE is populated by expatriate who may or may not have had to relocate due to criminal reasons. It is therefore pertinent that all prospective employees, expatriates or not, should undergo a background check to ensure the credibility of their person

Our expert consultants are committed to providing you with thorough background ground check reports as well as advice on what steps to take in a case where the individual has a criminal background

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The UK is filled with expatriates. Many of these expats reside in the UK temporarily for some years and leave when they feel the need to change environment or job or in many cases when a crime has been committed.

Additionally, when it comes to hiring employees in today’s world, it is pertinent that a background check be carried out in order to determine the type of employee(s) you are about to hire. In like manner, various individuals intending to return to the UK may require a background check before they do.

For various reasons, background checks should be carried out in order to ascertain what record is kept of you or an intended employee in the UK.

When we conduct a background Check, Our Report is presented to you after checking the various Government departments:

We will provide the report of the check to you for a cost effective amount within 2 to 4 working days.

If you need to verify the criminal status of an employee who once resided in the UK or as an individual you desire to check your status before venturing into your travel Plans to or from the UK, do reach out to our background screening experts.

We will provide you a definite report and advise you free of cost on how any cases found should be resolved.

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