It is notable that Dubai is a business hub and a proud home to enticing Real estate Constructions and Projects. Various Real Estates are used for Tourists attractions and many expatriates choose to reside in the UAE, many a time due to its uncommon property construction and style.

With the enjoyment and decision to purchase or lease a property comes legal Issues. Property Law in Dubai UAE is the law that governs the ownership and leasing of Real Property in the UAE. It is noteworthy that the Property referred to is the immoveable property and should be distinguished from moveable Properties such as chattels, furniture and automobile.

An individual’s rights with respect to the property so possessed or purchased include:

  • Transfer of interests in real property
  • Property financing
  • Relations between owners and the community
  • Landlord and tenant matters
  • Mortgages and Pledges

When it comes to Real Estate Law, its application and the protection of your Interest in Dubai UAE, our Consultants and Advocates are committed to ensuring your rights are preserved.

We are well aware of the Local Legislation and are able to advise and/or represent you accordingly.

We are able to assist with:

  • Property Purchase
  • Property Disputes
  • Property transfers
  • Property leasing
  • Drafting Legal Documents
  • Filing and drafting Memorandums for the Rental Dispute court and centers
  • Property Insurance matters
  • Others

Do you require a Property Law expert? Our lawyers and Legal Consultants are able to assist you with all processes and procedures relating to your Property in the UAE. Our Team of expert Consultants and Attorneys are ever ready to help you with any property related matter you may encounter.

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