Marriage is a beautiful Journey, but what happens when a once beautiful Journey becomes hostile and unbearable?

Through the legal eye, a Marriage is a legal contract between a man and a woman. A marriage contract aims at safeguarding the rights of the couple and their children. In many countries, various rules and procedure applies to a couple intending to be married, depending on the couple’s religion and nationality.

After the wedding, the marriage begins. For every marriage, communication is a key. Indeed, it is one of the most required essential ingredients for a good marriage. However, our lives are busier now than during the times of our older parents when technology advancement was minimal. We tend to realize that our lives have come to change due to the continuous innovation in the World, and this affects many marriages.

When a conversation ensues, rather than strengthen the marital bond, depending on how the other party reacts, it may lead to a hurt and conflict. When a partner is hurt, it is unlikely that the openness that was once there remains.

Alongside Communication come intimacy, trust and respect, to name a few. All the attributes that make a good marriage depends on what each partner values. “It takes two to tango” and two wrongs don’t always make a right. When a Partner has been hurt continually, it is only natural to feel like burning out or give in to an inward tiredness to continue nurturing the relationship.

What’s more, the different cultures that dictate how a female or male should act in a marriage, and how family members should be involved in our lives many times add to the already shaken foundation.

Of a truth, Marriage can be tough. Many times we don’t want to let go but we feel we can no longer take in all the pain. This is why, rather than opt for a Separation immediately or a Divorce, it is wise to consult a matured professional who will not only counsel you based on the professional ethics but who will equally empathize with your wounds, pain and hurt.

At eLegal Consultants, our marriage counselors, who are qualified consultants are those with successful marriages and can therefore relate with your experiences. We never judge any party but endeavors to allow each party understand the other.

Our Purpose of Counseling is to assist couples through an objective point of view, in a bid to retain the marital bond and continue their marriage. We merge professional expertise with day to day living experiences.

If you are unsure whether you require marriage counseling, why not speak to one of our Consultants today. We practice a strict confidential policy and you can be sure that your words will not leave the walls where you are.

On the other hand, if you are certain that you desire marriage counseling and cannot get your partner to agree, please reach out to us and we will assist you in that regard.

For any worries, whatever situation you are in, if you have agreed with your partner to be counseled or you are still trying to determine the state of your mind, Do not hesitate to contact Us.

Depending on your need, you will be happy to know that our first Consultation session is free. We only desire to listen to you and ensure you continue to enjoy your marriage.

Reach out to one of our consultants today. We are waiting for you.

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