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Simply put, Contract review is essential for everyone entering into a Contract before executing (signing) the contract. Since contracts can be lengthy and have become increasingly complex, parties’ to a contract often skim over paragraphs and don’t actually know what they are signing. Take an example of the terms and conditions of a website, most online browsers do not bother going through the tiny provisions while completing transactions on various sites.

Having a qualified business lawyer review your contract (Agreement) will save you from a legal mess later on.

A careful review of the clauses and terms and conditions set forth in a contract (Agreement) should be carried out by a Legal Practitioner in order to ensure that no surprise springs up in future. A comprehensive review helps each party to a contract to ensure that they fully understand the contract.

Additionally, Contract review is an important step to ensure that there are less contract disputes. When a contract dispute arises, the first thing that the courts look at is the language of the contract itself, hence, it is crucial that each contract is reviewed by two independent legal practitioners for both parties so that each party understands the extent of what he or she is signing and the implication of each word, sentence and the use of grammar in the Contract.

A clearly-drafted and easily-understood contract can reduce confusion between the parties. If a contract is bogusly drafted, legal issues may arise. Thus, it is important to thoroughly review or have an attorney perform a complete review of any contract before you sign it.

In summary, here are a few reasons why you should get a contract review:

  • To understand the Terms of the Agreement
  • To prevent unconscionable, Illegal and Voidable Contracts
  • Prevent Breach of Contract

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