Residency in Austria By Investment

About Austria Residency:

  • Austria is a European Union country with a high standard of living and a developed market for goods and services. Here business and tourism are at a high level.
  • The country is integrated into the European and world community.
    All these advantages are available to not only citizens but those
    who live there as well, i.e. holders of a residency permit.
  • Austria offers many ways to obtain a residency permit. One of them is participating in the program for financial independent applicants.
  • The country’s program for financial independent applicants allows you to obtain residency for you and your family without any additional obligations. This opportunity will mainly interest investors and business owners.


  • Live there year-round and travel around visa-free –Austrian residency gives you the right to live year-round in Austria, and also to visit other countries in the Schengen area visa-free
  • Your entire family gets residency too-A residency permit is granted at the same time to both the main investor and members of his/her family, including dependent children
  • No requirements to reside there or establish tax residency-Austrian residency for financial independent applicants does not oblige you to reside in Austria year-round, and thus you can choose in which country you wish to be a tax resident.
  • The possibility of later obtaining permanent residency and citizenship

Condition Precedent:

  • Financial independence –You have to prove that you have monthly net income at least EUR 1,900 or you must hold in your account twelve times this amount which is equal EUR 22,800 (EUR 1,900 x 22).
  • A property to live in – A resident must have a permanent address obtained based on a deed of ownership or rental contract.
  • Knowledge of the German language – You must prove a basic A1 level(elementary knowledge, ability to get by).
  • No criminal record or serious illness –This must be attested by a document from your country’s law-enforcement authorities and a health authority.

Required Documents:

  • a birth certificate
  • a color photocopy of each passport page
  • two photographs, with the same format as for a Schengen visa
  • a bank statement or other proof of income
  • marriage/divorce certificate (if applicable)
  • proof that you have no criminal record
    (issued within the last three months before submitting the application)
  • attestation that you do not suffer from a serious illness, issued by a recognized authority in Austria
  • A1 language exam

Please note that, Birth, marriage, or divorce certificates as well as the proof that you have no criminal record should be apostilled and translated into German by an Austrian sworn translator.

How  to receive Austrian Citizenship after residency permit:

  • Your residency status in Austria must be extended. Temporary residency is initially offered for a period of one year, and then extended as 1 year + 1 year + 3 year + 5 year. After five and a half years, you can submit an application to receive Austrian citizenship.
  • In practice, residents usually become citizens after a period of 6–10 years.
    With our help you can obtain results considerably more quickly.

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