Citizenship by Investment in Antigua and Barbuda

Citizenship by Investment in Antigua and Barbuda

About Antigua and Berbuda


Area: 442

Population:87 000

GDP:US $1.627 billion


Year of independence from Great Britain: 1981

Main islands:Antigua, Barbuda


  • Holding an Antigua and Barbuda passport will allow you to travel visa-free to 151 countries, including EU countries, the UK, Ireland, the Caribbean, and most Commonwealth countries
  • No taxes on income, your existing holdings, or inheritance
  • The time it takes for applications to be considered is 3 months
  • You only have to visit Antigua and Barbuda once, after 5 years

How to be considered:


  • Official authority:
    National Development Fund (NDF)
  • Investor:
    100,000 $ + 30,000 $ for the main applicant
  • Family up to 4 persons:
    100,000 $ + 30,000 $ for the main applicant
    + 0 $ for the spouse + two additional dependents
  • Family with more than 5 qualifying dependents


  • Minimum investment:200,000 $
  • Required period of real estate ownership:5 years
  • State fees:
    Family up to 4 persons: 50,000 $
    Dependents: 15,000 $ for each additional dependent
  • 150,000 $
    + 15,000 $ for each additional dependent after the fifth

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