Citizenship by Investment – Dominica

About Dominica:

Capital: Roseau

Area: 750

Population: 73 000

GDP: US $1.627 billion

Language: English and French

Year of independence from Great Britain: 1978

Main islands: Dominica


  • Holding a passport of Commonwealth of Dominica will allow you to travel visa-free to 137 countries, including the UK, the Caribbean, and the Commonwealth countries. Dominica has visa-free access to Schengen and all EU countries.
  • Dominica does not impose any residency requirements and does not tax income, wealth, or inheritance
  • Dominica, according to the new procedure, no longer requires going through an interview. However, the government may still invite individual candidates for economic citizenship in to online discuss their application
  • The time it takes for applications to be considered is 3 months

Investment Categories:

  1. Government Investment

Official authority:
Economic Diversification Fund

Investor:100,000 $

Investor + spouse:175,000 $

Investor + spouse + 2 children:175,000 $

Additional dependents:25,000 $

  1. Additional siblings: 50,000 $
  1. Real Estate Investment
  • Minimum investment:
    200,000 $
  • Required period of real estate ownership:
    3 years
  • State fees
    Investor: 25,000 $
    Investor + spouse: 35,000 $
    Family up to 4 persons: 35,000 $
    Family up to 6 persons: 50,000 $
    Family up to 7 persons or more: 70,000 $

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