Citizenship by Investment - Cyprus

About Cyprus:
  • Cyprus is the only EU country that offers foreign investors the opportunity to receive citizenship through investment in approximately 6 months.
  • In accordance with the changes in legislation on Cyprus citizenship of September 13, 2016, the right to receive citizenship extends to investors and members of their family who own real estate in Cyprus in an amount of €500,000, provided that the investor makes an additional investment of at least €1.5 million for a period of at least 3 years.
·      Full citizenship in Cyprus
  • Whole family gets citizenship
  • No requirementto stay inCyprus
  • No need to invest capital without return

Investment Categories:

  1. Investment Funds Investment
  2. Government Bonds Investment
  3. Real Estate Investment: Residential, Commercial or Infrastruture

For all investments, the applicant can combine any of the various ways of investment. If the investment is only in Properties, the total amount must be upto at least 2 Million Euros. However, if any other investment is made, the combination must be upto 2.5million Euros.

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