Trademark Registration Process in India

A trademark refers to the visual identification of your business. It distinguishes your business in the competition of Indian Market. It differentiates your goods or service from similar goods or services of another brand. To be more specific, a trademark is an exclusive identity of your business. It safeguards your brand reputation and ideology.

More importantly, in a country like India where businessmen across the world come to set up their business for its large, talented manpower and huge business opportunity, designing and registering the trademark with the assistance of Worldwide Trademark Registration Experts is essential to make the unique identity of your business to be ahead in the competition. Here is how you can register your trademark in India.

Search and decide your trademark

The first step to acquire a trademark is research. For a unique trademark, you can consult a professional graphic designer. However, take note that you have to be very careful while choosing the trademark because there can be tons of similar trademarks. The best way is to go through a public search to determine if the trademark is unique and there is no other identical trademark. You can consult a Trademark Infringement lawyer to check if your trademark is unique.

File the trademark application as per Indian Law

In the next step, you need to fill the trademark application form. You can fill the trademark application (TM-A) through the official IP India Website or you can even go to the trademark office to fill the application physically.

You will need multiple documents to support the application of your trademark. Suppose, anyone claims the prior use of the trademark, in that case, the applicant needs to file the affidavit with the proof to support the claim of the prior usage. Hiring Worldwide Copyright Registration Experts can ease the entire process.

Examination of the trademark

After filing the trademark application, a government examiner issues an examination report after the detailed examination of your trademark under the guidelines of the Trade Marks Act, 2016.

The examination report may include or disclose absolute or relative objections. The examination report is issued within 30days from filing the application. However, taking assistance from Worldwide Trademark Registration Experts facilitates the process.

Publication and Opposition process

Then it comes to the publication of the trademark. The purpose of the trademark publication is to offer a chance to the general people to oppose the trademark if it is the same. If none opposes the trademark within the four months of its publication, it can proceed for registration. Suppose, anyone opposes the applied trademark; then the applicant needs to follow certain legal processes including filing a counter-statement application and hearing from the court to get the applied trademark registered. You can seek assistance from Worldwide Trademark Registration Experts to accelerate the process of selecting and registration of the trademark.

Trademark registration

Finally, it is the time of trademark registration. If the trademark is not opposed within the publication period of 4 months, the trademark will be issued a computer-generated registration certificate in the 1st week. Once the registration procedure is completed, it will get the validation of ten years. Therefore, your trademark needs to be renewed after every ten years. Taking assistance from Worldwide Design Registration Experts can make the process easy for you.

The above-said is a draft of the Trademark registration process in India. However, if you want to register the trademark of your business, at eLegal Consultants, we have an expert team of Litigation Lawyers and Worldwide Trademark Registration Experts to speed up the process of trademark registration. Along with trademark registration, we also offer Trademark Watchdog Services. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our services.

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