Register Your Business Trademark In Just Six Steps In The UAE

A registered trademark offers protection to your brand and ensures that no other companies can steal the intellectual property of your business. It is surprising but around 70% of registered trademarks in the UAE belong to foreign entities. The ratio refers that international entrepreneurs play a safer game than UAE nationals. They seek assistance from worldwide Trademark Registration Experts and ensure the brand’s protection. However, a trademark can be anything such as a business logo, words, letters, symbols, headings, numerals, and even signatures or anything that can be read. However, if you are an entrepreneur, you can follow the six mentioned steps to register your trademark successfully in the UAE.

Research existing trademarks

In the first step, entrepreneurs need to make sure that the trademark is not used before. One can easily search it on online databases. Even there are specific search tools like Macaria, Trademark Engine, WIPO that can ease the process for you. Once you are confident about your trademark, please fill-up the application form.

Fill the application form

Entrepreneurs can fill up the application form online. They need to visit the website of The UAE Ministry of Economy. To fill up the application form, Entrepreneurs need a softcopy of the proposed trademark and mentioned documents.

  • Sample of trademark design
  • Trading license
  • Power of attorney
  • ID or passport of the applicant
  • List of goods and services to be protected
  • Details of applicant

However, make sure to complete this step without any error. If you put any wrong information here, the trademark will get rejected. Smart business owners seek assistance from worldwide Trademark Registration Experts to avoid potential mistakes.

Make payment

Once all the documents are submitted online, business owners need to pay the application fees. Payment can be easily made online. The payment may depend on several factors but usually, it costs around AED 8,700. However, if you hire an expert to facilitate the process of registration, you also have to include the service charge in your budget.

Ministry of Economy review

After completion of the payment, the trademark will get reviewed by The Ministry of Economy. If they find any problem with your trademark, it will get rejected. However, you have the right to appeal and modify the application. In this case, you may need to consult a litigation lawyer. However, if everything is correct, the trademark gets approval within 30 days.

Publish your application in two newspapers

If the trademark gets approved by The Ministry of Economy, the applicant needs to make an announcement of the trademark in the official journal and two newspapers. To publish the trademark in the official journal, you will have to pay a particular amount of money to the Ministry of Economy. However, you also need to publish the trademark in two newspapers that cost you additional charges. For safety, you may consult with worldwide Copyright Registration Experts.


After completing all the mentioned processes and if none register a complaint against your trademark, you are entitled to receive the registration certificate from the UAE government. The certificate includes a registration number, the date of application and registration, the business name and its owner’s name, the trademark, and a description of the goods and services the business provides.
Final Note

You can easily register your business trademark by following the mentioned process. However, if you are seeking experts’ assistance, you may rely on eLegal Consultants. We possess a team of worldwide Trademark Registration Experts. Along with trademark registration service, we also offer Trademark Watchdog Services. All our services are conducted by professional lawyers. To learn more, feel free to contact us.

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