Most people conceive the idea of writing a Will to the fear that one is most likely about to die. Some believe that a person intending to write a Will is either suffering from a terminal illness or that person has a premonition of death. Other cultures within Nigeria also believe that a young person should not die except such a death is caused by unnatural forces.

These myths which are religious, cultural, and socio-psychological influenced make the writing of Will to be treated as insignificant and trivial.

You are to have it at the back of your mind at all times that death can come at any time, it sometimes comes without warning so it is best to prepare beforehand for what happens to tour properties after your death. This will help avoid the misdistribution of your wealth and your properties will be distributed according to your heart’s desires.

Another popular myth about Will among Nigerians is that a person identified as a “Next of Kin” in a document is the chosen heir to inherit all your wealth and properties. For the benefit of clarification, your Next of Kin is the person who will first be contacted and will make decisions on your behalf in the event of an emergency. If you die without leaving behind a Will, your heirs will be bound by the Law and how they want to distribute them.

A flawed belief about Will in Nigeria is that the fathers most times who are breadwinners of the family strongly believe that their family members and kinsmen will be thoughtful enough to distribute their assets in a fair manner after their demise. So, to them, writing a Will is not necessary as the interest of everyone in the family will be catered for. But regrettably, in most experiences, the children of the deceased do not even agree on how the properties are to be shared which creates chaos and rift among siblings. While in some cases, the wife and children of the deceased are made to suffer at the hands of the deceased family and kinsmen which reasons are largely placed on cultural beliefs. It is best to leave behind a Will and not die under the illusion that your properties will be distributed accordingly because most times the reverse is the case and even worse.

Another false belief in Nigeria is that it is only when one is wealthy that he needs to write a Will. Most people are often opinionated that they do not need a Will because they are just starting life or they do not own property enough for distribution in the event of their demise. It is best for you as a sane adult even with few assets to make a Will. And as a contributor to the pension you are now expected to have a Will which will contain how your Retirement Savings Account (RSA) is to be distributed to your stated beneficiaries.


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