Trademark Protection and Monitoring Services

eLegal Consultants,we are dedicated to safeguarding the exclusivity of your company’s brand, logo, and trade name. Our mission is to prevent any unauthorized use or infringement.

We help to ensure:

  • Legitimate registration of the trademark of your company
  • Protection of your trademark from potential infringement

Registering your company’s trademark establishes your rightful ownership. However, it’s essential to recognize that trademarks can still face infringement risks. That’s why proactive trademark protection is paramount.

Our Watchdog services are designed to shield your trademark from potential infringements. Our experienced consultants are dedicated to swiftly identifying and addressing any potential infringements, ensuring the safety of your valuable trademark.

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Trademark infringement is a widespread concern for businesses worldwide. It's crucial to understand that using a brand, logo, or trade name doesn't automatically confer ownership rights; registration in the relevant jurisdiction is essential.

Upon completing the trademark registration process, you secure ownership for the registration period. Subsequently, your rights to use the brand or logo design are protected. If another party unlawfully uses your trademark, you can take legal action for trademark infringement through the Ministry of Economy or the Court.

Prohibited actions related to trademark registration include:

  1. Counterfeiting or imitating legitimately registered trademarks causing public confusion or using them in bad faith.
  2. Unauthorized use of a registered trademark owned by someone else.
  3. Applying another business’s registered trademark to products in bad faith.
  4. Selling, circulating, or processing products with counterfeit or imitated trademarks.
  5. Offering services under a forged, imitated, or unlawfully used trademark.
  6. Using a mark not eligible for registration as per the law.
  7. Making deceptive claims on marks or trade papers regarding registration and differentiation of goods and services.

To safeguard your trademark, our Watchdog Services proactively protect against potential infringements. If we weren’t monitoring your trademark and infringement is detected, our Consultants may issue a Cease and Desist letter. Compliance may obviate the need for further legal action. If the issue persists, we initiate legal proceedings.

If the committee’s judgment doesn’t resolve the dispute, the case proceeds to the competent Court of First Instance, with potential appeals to the Court of Appeal and Cassation if necessary.

For trademark registration, amendments, and infringement matters in the UK, we provide comprehensive assistance to ensure your brand remains your own. Contact our Intellectual Property experts today for guidance.

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