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  • Bank account opening services

Offshore companies are the ideal companies to set up if you are looking to secure your assets and the fund for the asset or transaction is laced with international trading. With an offshore company, you are assured of no taxation in company’s home jurisdiction and increased productivity

Our expert consultants are dedicated to providing you with a top notch services useful for the incorporation of your offshore business.

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An Offshore business/company is one which is located out of the national boundary of the Country wherein it is incorporated. It is sometimes interchangeably called an IBC (International Business Company) and by this, the company is prohibited from local economic activities.

Should you desire to secure your assets and the fund for the assets or transaction is laced with international trading, then the offshore business is the best option for you. If you want to protect your assets from lawsuits and also take benefits from low taxation along growing investments the, an offshore company formation is the essential step to take.

eLegal, your favorite Legal Partner is based in the UAE. We assist potential business entities with end to end business solutions. From registration of the company to the successful formation across the Dubai UAE, we will guide you throughout the process step by step to make everything easy and clear to you. Here are some benefits you get with registering an Offshore Company

Offshore company benefits:

  • No taxation in company’s home jurisdiction
    • flexible business activities
    • Rules and regulations for business activities are lighter
    • Low Operation costs
  • Increased productivity
    • There are many favorable Government Policies for Offshore companies
    • Provides greater control to the company for closer physical collaboration
    • Confidentiality and privacy
    • Legal protection benefit while trading internationally
    • Own a bank account and properties

If you are intending to incorporate an offshore business, your favorite Legal Partner is ready to provide you with our expertise in this regard.

We will ensure to provide you with a 100% confidentiality and a competitive price policy. We have highly educated business incorporation experts who work with integrity and diligence.

With us, your privacy and satisfaction is guaranteed. We will guide you through the various offshore options and along some unique protection benefits, including low fees and asset protection.

We will also help you with what you require to open a bank account.

Document Required

  • Bank Reference Letter
  • Candidate’s clear Passport copy
  • Latest paid Utility bill
  • Personal bank statement for 6 months

Offshore Company bank account required documents

  • Share certificate
  • Incorporation Certificate
  • Shareholder’s Passport Copy
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Shareholder’s Business Profile
  • Proof of business in the home country
  • Personal bank account statement for 6 months

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