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Our consultants and advocates are committed to assisting you with the procedures relating to your property in UAE.

We offer assistance with:

  • Property purchase
  • Mortgage
  • Property disputes
  • Property Transfers
  • Property Leasing
  • Drafting Legal documents
  • Property insurance

Our consultants and advocates are dedicated to aiding you in managing the processes related to your property in India.

India is a thriving business destination, featuring alluring real estate developments and projects. However, when making the decision to buy or lease property, legal complexities often arise.

At eLegal Consultants, our unwavering commitment is to guide you through the intricacies of property procedures in strict adherence to Indian property laws, ensuring the protection of your rights.

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India serves as a prominent business centre and is a source of pride for its captivating real estate developments and projects. Many of these properties are chosen as tourist attractions and numerous expatriates opt to reside here, often drawn by the unique construction styles.

However, within the enjoyment and decision to acquire or lease such properties, one must navigate legal complexities. Property Law governs the ownership and leasing of real estate, emphasizing that this pertains to immovable property, distinct from movable assets like chattels, furniture, and automobiles.

An individual’s rights concerning the property they possess or acquire encompass:

  1. Transfer of property interests
  2. Property financing
  3. Relations between property owners and the community
  4. Landlord and tenant matters
  5. Mortgages and pledges

When it comes to Real Estate Law and the preservation of your interests, our Consultants and Advocates are unwavering in their commitment.

We possess an in-depth understanding of local legislation and can provide guidance and representation tailored to your needs. Our services encompass:

  1. Property acquisition
  2. Mortgage transactions
  3. Resolution of property disputes
  4. Property transfers
  5. Property leasing
  6. Drafting legal documents
  7. Preparing and filing court memorandums
  8. Handling property insurance matters
  9. And more

Should you require the expertise of a Property Law professional, our team of lawyers and Legal Consultants is fully prepared to assist you in navigating all processes and procedures related to your property. Our dedicated experts are always at your service to address any property-related matters you may encounter.

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