A professional PRO service will grant your organization the peace of mind that you need. From Visas to permits and renewals, every company requires an expert PRO that can assist with the procedures and requirements while they face their work.

eLegal, your favorite Legal Partner welcomes you to meet our team of specialist PROs. We will offer you the best PRO services ever in a very cost effective manner.

Here’s a list of what our service covers:

  • Residence and Employment visa
  • Labour card and Immigration card
  • Family visas
  • Investors’ visas
  • Emirates ID card
  • Offshore passes
  • License renewals and updates
  • NOC letters and approvals
  • Document Attestation at the various government departments

Because we have successfully established the strong professional bond with government authorities and other professionals, we are fully equipped to handle all necessary legal processes for PRO services.

We take great care of your business requirements and ensure that you receive the best result. We will provide your our comprehensive service from the inception of registering your company to its completion and afterwards.

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