Dubai Mainland Company is an onshore company which requires 51% local citizen partnership in business with the owner or partners for a commercial license and 100% ownership for a Professional license. All seven emirates of the UAE can establish a company on the mainland following this principle.

For the operation of commercial businesses, Dubai Mainland company formation is the most ideal.

Major differences between a Free Zone Company and Mainland Company

The main difference between a Free zone and Mainland company is the ownership structure.  Free zone provides you with 100 % ownership while a Mainland Company, if it’s a Commercial or General Trading License, requires a local UAE citizen with 51% partnership.

In a Free zone company, you need to face all business matters with authorities directly, while in a mainland company, your local sponsor can handle all the government departments and other matters.

What about Visas, usually, a mainland visa is valid for two years while a Free zone visa is valid for three years. The Mainland visa process is handled by the UAE Labor Law and the Free zone visa process falls under the respective Free zone Laws.

Advantages of a Mainland Company

  • Notwithstanding the presence of a 51% local citizen owner, profit of the business can still be owned 100% by the expat owner, if a side agreement is in place.
  • UAE National Sponsor
  • No personal or business Tax
  • No Corporate Tax
  • A Mainland Company can trade with any other company in any part of UAE.
  • As compared to Free zone, Mainland Company can establish the business anywhere in UAE
  • A Mainland Companies can have more branches of their company to enhance their existence in UAE.
  • There are various activities available for a Mainland Company

eLegal, your favorite Legal Partner can help you secure your local partner/sponsor and a valid license so that you can start your business activities in the UAE. Whether it is a Commercial license, an industrial license or a Professional License you should be well aware of the rules and laws of the relevant authorities’.

We will also help you process your visa and procure an office space.

We are your one-stop solution for all your corporate services. We provide you a comprehensive range of services from getting registered until you are fully functional. Take a sneak peek at our packages below, and then contact Us to bag a discount.

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Our All-Inclusive Mainland Business License Pricing

Dubai Professional Services License

AED 15,999

Package Includes

  • Dubai Professional License Fees
  • Government Registration Fees
  • Corporate Sponsor
  • Virtual Dubai Office
  • Immigration Card
  • Eligible For Investors Visa
  • Eligible For Employee Visas
  • Free Company Stamp
  • Business Bank Account Assistance
  • VAT Consultation

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Dubai LLC Commercial Trading License

AED 23,899*

  • Dubai Commercial LLC License
  • Govt Registration Fees
  • Corporate Sponsor
  • Free Virtual Dubai Office
  • Immigration Card
  • Eligible For Investors Visa
  • Eligible For Employee Visas
  • Business Bank Account Assistance

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subject to terms and conditions

Required Documents


-Passport size photo

-NOC from sponsor UAE visa holders

-Visit/Tourist Visa Copy for Visitor

Time Line

24 hours to 72 hours with complete documentation.


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