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Within marriage, when counselling fails to address marital issues, couples frequently choose to pursue a legal dissolution of their marriage or opt for separation. In situations involving children, the issue of child custody becomes a priority.

At eLegal Consultants in India, our proficient consultants are fully committed to helping you determine the most suitable course of action in matters pertaining to prenuptial agreements, divorce, separation, and child custody.

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Navigating the complex journey of separation and divorce can be an emotionally challenging experience when it comes to dissolving a marriage. Typically, couples explore marriage counselling as a preliminary step before arriving at a final decision regarding divorce. However, there are instances where one or both spouses believe that the marriage has reached an irreversible point.

Regardless of whether a couple is in the process of separation or divorce, seeking guidance from a legal professional is vital to safeguard their rights when the need arises. In these situations, it’s crucial to adopt an approach that minimizes confrontation to ensure peace of mind for all parties involved. This approach is commonly known as a collaborative procedure.

We stand ready to provide a collaborative framework and mediation services upon request to facilitate the resolution of separation and divorce issues. The collaborative framework represents a non-contentious method for addressing the challenges that arise during or after separation and divorce. With the support of their legal representatives, the involved parties collaborate to reach mutually agreeable solutions. Once such a decision is reached, it is formalized into a legally binding agreement. In such cases, the court can enforce the decisions made through the drafted agreement.

At eLegal, our commitment goes beyond delivering exceptional service to our clients. We are equally dedicated to helping our clients move forward in their separate lives without unnecessary conflict or strife. An important advantage of our collaborative procedure is its efficiency, especially when children are part of the equation.

In cases where both parties do not agree to a collaborative approach, we offer assistance in filing a contentious divorce case in court, where their rights will be judiciously adjudicated.

Additionally, it’s noteworthy that we take into account family law and its procedures in other countries where India has bilateral relationships, such as the UAE. The UAE predominantly follows Sharia Law, but due to the provisions of the Dubai Personal Status Law, couples in dispute may opt to apply their personal laws. For instance, even if an Indian-born expatriate resides in the UAE and is married in India, a straightforward dissolution and divorce procedure can be pursued in the UAE.

For all matters related to family, including counselling, separation, divorce, and child custody, our legal team in India, the UAE, and other jurisdictions is fully prepared to assist you with the most appropriate approach. We empathize with you throughout the process and offer support whenever it is needed.

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  • Divorce and Separation
  • Child Custody
  • Domestic Violence & Abuse

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