How to Check and Lift a Travel Ban in UAE

How to Check and Lift a Travel Ban in UAE

The UAE is a country where security and order is valued. For this reason, every part is regulated with provisions from laws that can assist residents to appropriately conform with the government and properly manage matters that they need to in the country. The UAE Labor Law was enacted in order to ensure that an employer and employee handle things amicably so that justice is served.

A ban can come in different ways and since most employees in the UAE are expats, some do fall victim of an Immigration Ban, while others get banned via a Court Order or Police case. To elaborate further on the different types of ban and how to avoid or remove them, please read on.

We will be looking at this issue on topic by topic basis.

What is an Immigration Ban?

An immigration ban is a restriction imposed on anyone who has transgressed against the laws of the Country. This means that, anyone found to be imposed with such a ban will be unable to get a Visa to come into the country and if he or she is in the country already, to leave means to never come back.

What is the difference between an Immigration Ban and a Labor Ban?

A labor ban spans from within six months to a year. A labor ban means that an employee did not fulfill some terms of his Contract of employment according to the law or the contract executed between himself and his employer.

What is a Criminal Case Travel Ban?

Most often, a ban arises in the UAE when a Cheque bounces due to insufficient funds, and the bearer of the cheque decides to file a Police case which is an automatic criminal case giving rise to a Travel Ban. In such a case, the Cheque issuer is not notified until he decides to travel out of the Country or into the Country when he or she gets arrested.

Additional ways a travel ban can be imposed are through the following various ways:

  • Possession of weapons and ammunition
  • Possession of drugs
  • Fake passports or visa
  • Criminal offenses such as murder
  • Rape
  • Non-compliance with the UAE Federal Law

How to Check a Travel Ban in Dubai, Abudhabi, UAE

For bans relating to Immigration, the immigration department can be contacted. For bans placed by the Police, the Dubai Police Website is able to provide the reports. However, to check a Ban in all categories explained in this article, you may contact us for a Formal report.

For this, you only need to send us your old Visa copy (tourist or resident and/or you last emirate ID card and we will provide you a formal report of all bans on your name within 24 to 48 hours. We will also assist you on how to go about any criminal convictions that may be seen.

Can a Ban Be Lifted? 

Depending on the report that is retrieved, a Ban can be lifted in certain instances. However, it takes the expertise of an agent to execute this procedure. If you already have a report and desire to lift your ban in the UAE, please don’t hesitate to contact us to help you understand if it can be lifted or not.

We are legal consultants with long years of experience dealing with Ban removal in the UAE and will be glad to assist you in every way we can.

eLegal consists of experienced legal consultants who are well equipped to handle all your legal needs.

For more information, you can call or send us a message for a free consultation.

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