eLegal is continually helping companies to become and remain compliant with local and global requirements. Our experienced company secretaries, lawyers and paralegals are located around the world and have unrivalled local knowledge to help your business adhere to local regulations.

We offer a global solution for local regulatory compliance 

Several companies are facing an ever-growing number of new regulations and are required to meet their obligations in each jurisdiction while maintaining a global overview of their company’s compliance situation.

From set-up to liquidation, our professionals take care of your organization’s recurring filings, routine corporate changes and retrieval of corporate documents from official registries.

We are independent experts who will standardize processes and reporting procedures for your organization’s compliance activities-while providing you with local expertise and support. We can act as your legal partner to help coordinate with other local service providers.

Through a global reporting infrastructure, we give businesses back their cost control and provide them with global visibility.

eLegal delivers professional company secretarial services and we are one of the leading providers of corporate legal services worldwide. We offer specific project support through a full outsourced solution. Our Company Secretarial Services include but not limited to:


a).  Incorporation

We will give your organization the proper guidance for your legal operational needs. Should you desire to startup a Company or Business Name Registration, open a branch or subsidiary, our team of legal practitioners will ensure that you meet the necessary requirements and stick to what is needed to fly such a subsidiary or branch.

What’s more, we offer a full spectrum of company incorporation services and are experts in incorporating companies in various countries, including all major onshore(mainland), mid-shore freezones and offshore jurisdictions.


b).  Annual General Meeting

The AGM is a critical time for every organization as a medium used to engage its members. For an AGM to be successful, best practice requirements should be taken into consideration, as it can impose a great amount of pressure on the organization or its officers. When eLegal becomes your company secretary, we will help your organization relieve this pressure with our expertise.

eLegal provides a range of drafting services including notice of meetings; proxy forms and minutes of the meeting. We can attend the meeting to take minutes, provide corporate governance advice and assistance with meeting organization.


c).  Annual Compliance

Our compliance service includes preparing and filing of annual returns; maintaining the statutory register; share transfer and allotment processing and deadline filing reminder. We help companies become and remain compliant with ever-changing local and international regulations.


d).  Corporate Governance

The chartered secretaries, solicitors and corporate governance professionals at eLegal have a wealth of experience with improving governance in an organization. A healthy corporate governance framework can help improve the organization and decision making in the company, ensuring that decisions are taken in the right way at the right level.

Our fees are structured to provide as much clarity and certainty as possible. We want you to be confident in the company secretarial services you receive and how much you’re paying for them. For some company secretarial services we need to know a little about the company first so if you’d like a quote for particular work, please do get in touch and we’ll always be happy to help.


e).  Directorship services

Our directors and officers use their many years of local experience in corporate governance and operational excellence to support the boards of our clients’ business entities.


f).  International Entity Management

We help your company to remain compliant across multiple jurisdictions through a single point of coordination and a dedicated service delivery manager.


g).  Entity health check

We assist with a comprehensive corporate compliance status report, by matching and reviewing an entity’s information from local public records, local statutory records and internal corporate databases.


h).  Transactional services

Our legal professionals can assist you with time consuming local changes, such as name, address or director changes.


i).  Document retrieval services 

We offer fast and reliable delivery of corporate documents from public registries in various countries.


j).  Registered Agent

We assist our clients who have entered into legal Agreements governed by a foreign law to accept locally-served legal documents and receipt of other documents.


In summary here’s what we do:

Entity services

  • incorporation and establishment services
  • dissolution and simplification of groups
  • maintaining of statutory books and registered office services
  • acting as named Company Secretary
  • global entity management services

Governance support

  • board support and reporting secretary
  • corporate governance guidance
  • advising directors on role and responsibilities

Corporate compliance services

  • corporate health check
  • annual Company Law Compliance Services
  • regulatory and companies office filings and disclosures


  • advice and assistance on corporate changes
  • Statutory review and comparison of company and registry records to ensure compliance with prevailing regulations;
  • Corporate Secretarial alert: setting-up, monitoring and updating of corporate calendar.
  • Convening, holding and drafting of all minutes of boards of directors and general meetings of shareholders;
  • Approval of annual accounts, appointment of auditor;
  • Filing of annual accounts and the necessary filings required in relation to annual statutory compliance obligations; Perform duties of a local/nominee directors.
  • Provide registered offices.
  • Act as registered/process agents.
  • Keeping and maintenance of statutory registers and minute books;
  • Convening, holding and drafting of the minutes of directors and extraordinary shareholder meetings connected with non routine event driven activities and project work;
  • Constitutional changes, e.g. changes of company name, registered offices, business objects, financial year, increase/decrease of registered share capital etc.;
  • Changes in the management (resignation, removal and appointment of directors);
  • Voluntary liquidations and deletions of companies and branches;
  • Simple (inter group) share transfers; share issues and transfers ;

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