Canada’s Immigration System is an open gateway for many immigrants. There are various options to choose from. An applicant may choose any category such as applying as a visitor, worker, student, or permanent resident. The tourist visa is usually issued for 6 months and granted by the Consulate.  The working visa on the other hand is principally in form of an Intracompany Transfer, which is also dependent on the circumstances and the discretion of the Officer granting the application. Under this Visa, same or opposite sex partners qualify as dependants so far they have being living together for the duration of the 1 (one) year before the date of filing.

Elegalonline will assist you every step of the way. We are masters in ensuring that your migration dream becomes a reality. From documents preparation to guidance with application form, we are well equipped to ensure you succeed in your quest to receiving the requisite Visa applied for. Below are some of the categories we will help you undertake:

Business Visitors

On a visit visa, anyone can work in any specified work category; as a babysitter, handy man, after sales service or nanny, etc. Receiving a Tourist Visa is the first step to getting a work permit in Canada for many. Nevertheless, in order to be allowed to work, certain conditions must be met. Our team will help you build up a strong profile so that while on a tourist visa, you can equally work.

We will make certain that the rules applicable are not so harsh by helping you prepare the right documentation. Additionally, we don’t leave you in the cold, after the initial grant, we will assist you in getting your permanent residence.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Reside in Canada for at least four years within the five years preceding the date the citizenship application is submitted.
  • Proof of English language fluency.

We also help residents with all they need to improve their employment immigration requirement. In addition, for all consular services, we will help you reach your goal by assisting with all procedures. With more than 10 years experience, we pride ourselves knowing that many of our candidates got selected and were selected for their desired Visa. We are well skilled in preparing you for any interview to be attended at the immigration office.

Spouse and Dependents Visa

Our team of experts utilizes their skills to help our clients in processing spousal and dependant visas.

Permanent Resident, Live-In Caregiver and PR Renewal

Our team will help anyone interested to apply for permanent residence in Canada based on the following categories: business, skilled work, Canadian experience, provincial nomination, family, refugees and humanitarian concerns.

  1. a) The business category encompasses three classes of immigrants: investors, entrepreneurs, and self-employed persons.
  2. b) Federal and Quebec skilled workers are assessed according to a points system. Federal and Quebec Canadian Experience Class applicants are assessed based on their professional and educational experience in Canada, as well as on their language proficiency and their ability to transition from a temporary status to a permanent one.
  3. c) The provisions for family-based immigration cover spouses, common-law or conjugal partners, parents, grandparents, orphaned brothers and sisters, nephews, nieces, grandchildren, and adopted or dependent children.
  4. d) Refugees and other forced migrants may also obtain the permanent right to reside in Canada.
  5. e) Finally, the individual provinces of Canada may nominate a foreign national for permanent residence under their respective provincial nomination programs.

Foreign nationals who are granted permanent residence in Canada are considered landed immigrants. They have no time limitation on their stay in Canada and are able to work, establish a business, or study in Canada without restriction. They are deemed returning residents for purposes of re-entry to Canada after international travel.

A foreign national may be ineligible for permanent residence in Canada if he or she falls into one of the following grounds of inadmissibility:

(1) Security;

(2) Human or international rights violations;

(3) Criminal offenses;

(4) Membership in organized crime;

(5) Public health grounds;

(6) Likelihood of becoming a public charge;

(7) Misrepresentation related to immigration; and

(8) Failure to comply with Canadian immigration law.

Where waivers for the grounds of inadmissibility are available, we can help prepare and file waiver applications with the relevant authorities in Canada.

Consultation and Application Analysis

Our team will further help you with the following:

  • Application preparation and guidance to the United States or other diplomatic points.
  • Biometrics scheduling
  • Medical appointments and examinations
  • Criminal Record assessment
  • General overall advise


Temporary Workers

Elegalonline will help you with immigration support services for temporary work permit in the following categories:

Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) – exempt Categories

Intra-Company Transfer: For managers and top executives, the Visa is valid for upto three years. Eligibility criteria includes, one year of continuous full-time experience with the affiliate/subsidiary/parent company abroad in a specialized knowledge/senior managerial/executive capacity; current employment with the company abroad; and a qualifying parent/affiliate/subsidiary relationship. The tasks undertaken in Canada must be in a similar specialized knowledge/senior managerial/executive capacity. There are also prevailing wage and reporting requirements associated with this category.

NAFTA Professional: Open to U.S. and Mexican nationals in over 60 listed professional occupations. Oftentimes, the most utilized categories include engineers, management consultants, computer systems analyst and management consultants, scientific technician, to name a few. The requirements for these are either, a post-secondary degree or diploma certificate and/or a good amount of professional experience. Work permits in this category can remain valid for upto 3 years. Another Visa in this category is the Gats professional Work Permit which is open to all nationalities but only valid for 90 consecutive days.

Work Permit under Free Trade Agreements: Countries such as, Peru, Colombia and South Korea. With which Canada has a Free Trade Agreement falls under this category. Applicants here can receive a work permit without LIMA. Requirements are the same for the Nafta Professional.

ESDC Category

ESDC Work Permit: Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA): Depends on the duties the employee will undertake in Canada and the related NOC number. The employer must advertise for the position for a minimum of four weeks and conduct similar recruitment activities consistent with the practice within the occupation. The main goal of the process is to demonstrate to an ESDC officer that the presence of the foreign worker will not have any negative impact on the Canadian labour market. Live-in caregivers are also included under this category.

Simplified Process (Quebec Only): This program includes 37 occupations that are exempt from the regular recruitment process required for an LMIA. Requirements overview: The applicant’s position in Canada must fall within one of the selected 37 occupations and meet the prevailing wage associated with the occupation. Among the selected occupations are the following: human resources managers, software engineers and designers, mechanical engineering technologists and technicians, and registered nurses.

Quebec Visa

We offer our support in your application regarding the grant of Visa in the Province of Quebec. Being one with a separate requirement, it is usually required that receiving a Quebec Visa must be treated with absolute importance. Quebec is a province where certain immigrants with specific criteria are stated, unlike the government of Canada where there are less-strict measures for choosing candidates. To receive a PR or Work Permit in Quebec candidates have to submit separate application to the Citizenship and Immigration of Canada for either a work permit or permanent residence.


Legalization of Documents

We help with the legalization of documents for use abroad. This is most beneficial where Certified True Copies are required. We will assist in facilitating the issuance of these documents to and from Canada and legalize them via diplomatic missions.

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